The frustration of getting a ticket for parking at a broken meter could soon become a thing of the past in Los Angeles.
City Councilman Mike Bonin, who represents communities such as Venice and Westchester in the 11th District, has submitted a motion to rescind the city’s policy of issuing tickets to cars parked at inoperable or broken card and coin meters.
“Punishing people because a meter is broken is blatantly unfair,” said Bonin, who submitted the motion during his first day at City Hall. “New technology has made this outdated policy unnecessary and drivers seeking valuable parking spots in congested areas and small business owners who need parking for their customers deserve better from the city of Los Angeles.”
In 2010, as part of a new “Pay to Park Policy” for card and coin meters, the city made it an offense punishable by fine and citation for motorists to park at inoperable or broken meters. The City Council reaffirmed the policy by approving a motion in December.
But Bonin noted that since the policy was implemented, new meters, equipment and technology have made the policy unnecessary. He said the policy was approved in part to discourage vandalism, but the new card and coin meters are far more resilient than their predecessors, and rendering them inoperable requires disabling both the coin and credit card functions.
In addition, new technology alerts Department of Transportation staff immediately when a meter is not working.
“By reversing this bad policy, we can show residents and business owners that the city is working for people – not against them,” added Bonin.