An explosion of sorts is set to take place at the Santa Monica Airport Barker Hangar from Friday through Sunday, March 14th to 16th, at the West Coast design show CA Boom V.

Now, in its fifth installment, the show’s goals are to fight the notion that high design is a luxury and to bring together parties that might not have met otherwise.

“We’re glad that we’re at the forefront of making that good design more accessible and connecting end-users to the designers and manufacturers, as well as being a valuable marketplace for the trade,” says show creator and executive Charles Trotter.

The various types of exhibitors set to be in the show include international design manufacturers, national and limited production manufacturers, studio furniture, home accessories, modern prefab, indoor and outdoor living, modern kitchen and bath, surfaces and finishes, and building accessories.

The Main Hall exhibitions will run simultaneously with Architecture and Design Home Tours. Starting at 11 a.m. Friday, the hall will be open to those in the trade, but the 11:30 a.m. tour and the 7:30 p.m. Opening Night event will be open to consumers as well.

The rest of the weekend is also open to the public, including a Beach Cities Tour of Santa Monica and Venice homes at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

Trotter points out that architects lead tours of the homes they’ve designed and are encouraged to include the homeowners. The tours aren’t specifically a peer or architect-to-architect review.

“It’s about the people who might consider living in a house like this,” Trotter says. “They can actually talk to the people who live in it and built it, to find out if it’s for them.”

CA Boom has been a place for new businesses to launch their products, such as Greenform, the U.S. distributor of Swiss E Form’s fiber cement planter and furniture line, which had its introduction last year and is back again this year.

“It’s a little bit local but it’s a cutting-edge design show with a good mix of architecture, landscape and what is coming up in the future,” Greenform owner Felix Schneider says.

Justin Gologorsky says it’s the local feel and personal interaction with Trotter and production office coordinator Natasha Case that made him want to premiere his Go.Lo.Gor.Sky.Studio products at CA Boom.

“It just brings it down a level, where you can understand what you’re getting into,” Gologorsky says, “where at bigger shows you’re just doing things through e-mail and you don’t get that personal touch.”

Go.Lo.Gor.Sky.Studio will present “Go>Table,” whose form suggests a highway overpass with walnut tunneling legs and a glass top that folds upon itself. The interactive chair “Tumble,” which can be placed in four positions, will also be on display.

An area of growing interest at the show is the modern prefab zone. Trotter cites LivingHomes as a great example of a Santa Monica-based prefab architecture firm, which is collaborating factory work with high design by creating modular homes that are assembled on site.

LivingHomes chief executive officer and founder Steve Glenn says he is looking forward to attendees learning more about his firm’s homes and the overall interaction of CA Boom during the company’s third year at the show.

“For people interested in modern design, furniture, home decorative items, it’s a great show, definitely a good collection of folks together,” Glenn says.

Among the various people getting together at CA Boom are photographer Julius Shulman and at least 20 of the featured architects in the coffee table book Dream Homes Los Angeles for a book signing and meet-and-greet. The show will also have panel discussions, including “The Four Women of Prefab” and “Post-Hurricane Katrina: Architecture, Art & Design in New Orleans.”

Ultimately, Trotter believes CA Boom stands out from other trade shows, particularly with the accessibility for consumers.

“There is a homegrown aspect to it as this is an independent non-traditional trade show that is really breaking every rule about what a trade show should be,” Trotter says.

Ticket prices are $20 per day for the exhibition hall; $75 a day for the home tours; and $205 for a three-day tour pass with entrance into the hall.

Information, www.caboom