The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica will host a dance-a-thon from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 9th to raise money for teens traveling to Africa from August 11th to 25th.

The dance-a-thon will feature a live performance by Rock Nation and DJ Kolos. This is a Leaders in Training event with the goal of having at least 25 teens from each of the eight Leaders in Training Boys & Girls Clubs around Los Angeles County to help the fundraising committee raise at least $15,000, club officials said.

Leaders in Training is a program that was developed by a collaboration of Boys & Girls Clubs, including the Santa Monica club, to respond to the needs of teenagers.

The Youth Leadership Trip to Africa will take the youths on volunteer adventures in rural Kenya for activities such as building a school, teaching English in local classrooms, working on water or community projects, exploring local villages and learning Swahili and grasping the culture and language through nature walks with local experts.