Two interim passenger lounges have opened at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for first and business class travelers using airlines in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, while the building is undergoing the renovation, airport officials said.

The Los Angeles City Council approved a $576-million contract for renovation of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

City officials said the renovation of the Bradley Terminal is the largest single construction project in the history of the City of Los Angeles.

Unlike most airport projects, where the building is closed to occupants, airlines will continue providing service to ten million passengers annually during the 38-month construction schedule that begins in January, airport officials said.

Improvements to be made to the Bradley Terminal include the installation of a $140-million, in-line baggage security screening system, state-of-the-art dynamic signage, improved lighting and finishes, and up-to-date information technology systems to speed the check-in process for passengers.

LAXTEC Corporation paid more than $2.5 million to develop the two interim lounges, which opened Tuesday, October 10th. The lounges will be in use for the next eight months while four permanent consolidated airline lounges are being constructed.

“While both lounges are temporary, great care has been taken in design and execution to provide airlines’ premium passengers with the level of comfort and service they have come to expect,” said LAXTEC executive director Frank Clark.

The 4,000-foot interim first-class lounge, located on the Bradley Terminal’s mezzanine level, is designed for 133 guests.

The interim business-class lounge is 16,000 square feet and designed for 578 guests. It is on a vacant ramp area opposite the terminal and is reached from the Bradley Terminal’s Gate 118 by continuously operating motor coaches.

Clark estimated that airlines in the Bradley Terminal will pay about $7 million to operate the two interim lounges during the construction period.

The opening of the interim lounges allows for the demolition of Bradley Terminal’s 16 existing airline lounges on its fourth and fifth floors, airport officials said. Demolition is scheduled to be completed Thursday, November 30th, and then work will start on four new lounge groups.

Three new lounges will serve airline alliances and the fourth is for customers of airlines not affiliated with an alliance.

Clark said the new lounges are scheduled to be completed in May. Airlines are paying the entire $15-million to $20-million cost of the upgraded lounges, he said.

While each of the four new lounges will vary in size and occupancy, the overall lounge space in the Bradley Terminal will grow from the current 27,000 square feet to 47,000 square feet, an increase of 72 percent, airport officials said.

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