Santa Monica Brew Works has teamed with Groundwork Coffee Co. to create a unique golden-hued brew.

Limited-release beer offers a new level of deliciousness

By Kamala Kirk

Santa Monica Brew Works unveiled a new addition to its series of limited-release beers celebrating local businesses.

The locally owned and operated craft production brewery has teamed with Venice-based Groundwork Coffee Co. to create Breakfast Brew, a Golden Mocha Porter made with cocoa nibs, vanilla bean and organic cold brew coffee.

“Some things are just better together,” said Scott Francis, SMBW co-founder, president and chief executive officer.

“It’s no secret that coffee and craft beer can complement each other exceptionally well. But adding chocolate takes this brew to a whole other level of deliciousness. It’s more than just producing a quality beverage. Our aim is to connect with our community through products that people are passionate about.”

Bundles of cocoa nibs were brewed with Vienna malt and finished with vanilla bean and a touch of chamomile for a smooth finish.

Groundwork’s certified oganic classic cold brew adds a hint of nutty character. The final product, which clocks in at 5% ABV, contains only a small measure of caffeine, less than 1/10 the amount contained in full-strength cold brew coffee.

“This isn’t a traditional coffee porter,” said SMBW head brewer Avery Colomb.

“We had some fun playing with unexpected ingredient combinations. The original milk chocolate flavors combine with the Arabica coffee to create rich dark chocolate truffle notes. And the addition of milk sugar provides the backbone through which the chocolate and coffee can shine. Groundwork has been a terrific partner. Their roasting experience helped us identify the ideal blend of cold brew that perfectly complements our golden chocolate porter.”

Founded in 1990, Groundwork opened its doors with a small-batch organic roastery and tiny café on Rose Avenue in Venice Beach.

More than 30 years later, it continues to celebrate the diverse Los Angeles community with a mission to source and share coffee that inspires people to work hard, dream big and impact the world.

“Though we’ve grown, our business is inextricable from our community and deep LA roots,” said Jessica Smith, Groundwork marketing director.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without the people and neighborhoods who have supported us from the beginning.”

Breakfast Brew Golden Mocha Porter is available for a limited time on draft and in four packs of 16-ounce cans to-go from SMBW’s Tasting Room at 1920 Colorado Avenue.

“The support of our friends and neighbors is the lifeblood of our business,” said Johnny Wardell, SMBW’s marketing director.

“We think of ourselves as more than just a manufacturer – we strive to be part of the fabric of our community.”