A proposed exterior renovation of The California Pizza Kitchen in Marina del Rey won support last week from the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board.

The restaurant is in Waterside Marina Shopping Center at Fiji and Admiralty Ways.

The entire exterior of the California Pizza Kitchen is being remodeled to conform to Waterside Marina Shopping Center design standards and a corporate make-over by California Pizza Kitchen, staff told the board members Thursday, July 21st.

Plans call for a triangular translucent skylight roof and columns at the restaurant entry to be removed and replaced by a new exterior covered archway entry, consistent with the redesigned center.

The new entry will consist of cement plaster piers and an extruded polystyrene system cornice, a three-point limestone arch surround and a new base.

Height of the new entry will be 20 feet, one foot higher than the existing entry.

The skylight will remain at 19 feet, with the overall building remaining at its current height of 17 feet.

A recessed niche will be added to the west side of the entry element, and ornamental black anodized light fixtures matching those of the center will flank the opening.

On the south and west sides, the existing freestanding concrete colonnade and steel web bracing between the columns will be removed.

These structures support the roof on the opposite patio side, with the structures on the north and east side remaining.

The metal bracing will be covered in an awning with item descriptions such as “Pizza,” Salads” and “Pasta” and will be lit from above.

The Design Control Board supported the changes, but voted to require

further review and approval by Los Angeles County Regional Planning;

limiting the canvas awning color and toning down any excess yellow; and

conferring with the center landlord on exterior lighting strength and time of operation for lighting in conjunction with the rest of the shopping center.