California State Assemblyman Ted Lieu won passage of Assembly Bill 2501 by a vote of 42-34 on the Assembly floor on Wednesday, May 31st.

AB 2501 will require Santa Monica Airport to monitor and record the taxi and idle times of taxis and jet operations for one year. This data will be made available to the public on a monthly basis.

“About one third of the residences in the 90405 zip code live under the flight path of the Santa Monica Airport,” Lieu said.

“Ocean breezes carry the jet emissions into the residential neighborhoods to the east of Santa Monica Airport, replacing the ocean breeze with the odor and harmfulness of jet kerosene.”

The Santa Monica Airport has increased its annual jet operations from about 1,000 in 1983 to more than 18,000 in recent years.

As the Santa Monica Airport grows, Lieu said, so do the problems resulting from larger jet aircraft and the pollution caused by them.

One of many factors for the increase of jet air pollution is a Federal Aviation Administration requirement that Santa Monica Airport aircraft must wait for Los Angeles International Airport permission before takeoff.

This has created departure delays at Santa Monica Airport, Lieu said, requiring jet aircraft to idle for longer periods of time with their engines running while awaiting permission from LAX.

“We are asking Santa Monica to do the minimum to address the concerns of the surrounding communities in regards to the air pollution from the idling jets,” said Martin Rubin, director of Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution.

“AB 2501 will allow for accurate modeling studies to be done that will show the extent of the air pollution that is carried into the airport’s bordering communities.”

The bill is sponsored by Concerned Residents and supported by the Mar Vista Community Council, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club of California, and Friends of Sunset Park.

AB 2501 will be heard in the California State Senate in the following months before it reaches the governor’s desk for his signature.