The moms of the popular teen drama have their own podcast!

By Katherine Brubaker

Combs, Fera and Peeples pair their interviews on the show with beverages of their choice

The hit television show “Pretty Little Liars” came to an end three years ago when the identity of the infamous and feared “A” was revealed. But the actresses who played the mothers of the show’s angsty teens have recently reunited to make a podcast series, “Pretty Little Wine Moms”(PLWM). And yes, they sometimes drink wine during the show!

Lesley Fera, who played Veronica Hastings on PLL, and her husband Ned Mochel have their own podcast, “Homeward Bound: Surviving the Coronavirus.” Fera asked her previous co-stars from PLL to be on an episode, including Santa Monica resident Nia Peeples, who’s known for her roles on shows such as “Fame” and “Walker Texas Ranger” and played Pam Fields on PLL. According to Peeples, this episode was “wildly popular,” so Fera suggested that they make a separate podcast together, which became PLWM.

In this series of conversations, Holly Marie Combs (who played Ella Montgomery), Fera and Peeples rewatch and discuss episodes from PLL. (The TV series is now available on HBO Max.) Their conversations on plot and character development tend to digress outside of the fictional world and into discussions on life.

“It rolls off into these conversations that are sometimes hilarious anecdotes, and some of them are incredibly poignant. We turn this into the Sidecar Conversations, and on The Rosewood Clubhouse website, you can go and listen to those little conversations. And that to me, is where the real magic happens,” said Peeples, referencing the podcast’s Patreon fan club page.

Though these actresses worked on the same show together for seven years, they rarely had screen time together. “We are really just becoming friends. We only worked on the show together twice — the moms were rarely together, and we have definitely gotten to know each other better now,” said Peeples.

Not only has the podcast strengthened the friendships between these women, Peeples believes that the show gives something back to viewers. “I think it’s really important right now, everyone is looking for somewhere to turn not just for distraction, but for normalcy,” said Peeples.

The podcast has also made Peeples finally watch the show in its entirety. Peeples explained that while filming PLL, she couldn’t keep updated on the series’ oftentimes confusing plot lines.

“The fans would have to tell me what was going on in the show!” Peeples added with a laugh.

Peeples, who’s also a children’s book author, joined PLWM because of the approach she now takes with all her projects, which is to do things from a place of “inspired action.”

This inspired action is in part found in the company of her fellow hosts. “My favorite part of [the podcast] is experiencing women when they are at a time in their lives where they know who they are. I have found that as a woman, it’s not easy to find who you are, let alone who you are in the face of other women. People are just figuring out who they are, and you eventually get to a place in your life where you know who you are a little more, and then you can stand in it, and the women around you can stand in theirs with no judgment,” said Peeples.

Peeples also appreciates the feeling of safety the podcast environment has provided her, which has allowed for authentic conversations. “Oftentimes, especially growing up in the public eye, you are aware people are watching you. This is a space where you can really be yourself — you can complain about your kids and everyone knows that you are just having a moment. The girls are able to put it down on the table uncensored,” said Peeples.

PLWM recently got a sponsorship with HBO Max, and they are currently considering a second season. Upcoming guests for this season include: PLL writer, director and executive producer Joe Dougherty on Oct. 14; Sasha Pieterse on Oct. 21, who played the mysterious missing ‘Liar’ Alison DiLaurentis; and actress Lucy Hale on Oct. 28, who played core ‘Liar,’ Aria Montgomery, with artsy flair on the show’s seven seasons.

Peeples for one is excited to see where the podcast goes and where it takes her in her development as a creative artist.

“The question for me now is can I continue expressing in this space, without limiting myself. Can we allow it to evolve? Can I allow it to evolve with me? Otherwise, I’m not being honest,” said Peeples.

As for Peeples’ beverage of choice during the show: “I love gin, gin and tonic, with a little cucumber and lime, or red wine!”

Visit to learn more and listen. Visit to learn more about supporting PLWM’s Patreon, which will donate 10% of proceeds to charity.