Last month’s in-service training seminar for staff, interns, case managers and local community mental health professionals at Campion Mental Health Center in Santa Monica featured Dr. Carol Mayhew.

Mayhew, president of the board of the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, spoke on the theory of “intersubjectivity,” based on a paper she recently presented at an international psychological conference in Bali, Indonesia.

Campion’s in-service training seminars are available to more than 250 Westside mental health professionals and agencies on the fourth Monday of every month.

Campion provides a variety of mental health services at OPCC’s network of shelters and programs for low-income and homeless men, women and children.

Clients face problems such as depression, anxiety and relationship challenges as well as families facing poverty, mental illness and domestic violence.

The mental health center also provides services to Westside communities on a sliding scale fee basis.

“It is important to realize that the therapeutic environment is affected by the subjective perception of at least two of the participants — the client and the therapist,” Mayhew said.

“Each point-of-view is clinically significant in a healthy therapeutic alliance,” she said.

Mayhew, who is also on the board of Women in Psychoanalysis, specializes in the areas of post traumatic stress disorder, incest, rape, adult sexual abuse, eating disorders, mood disorders and anxiety disorders in her private practice in Brentwood.

The paper she presented in Bali was titled “Disorganized Attachment Issues in the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder.”

“Dr. Mayhew is an expert in the contemporary exploration of the role of the therapist’s thoughts and feelings in relationship to the client’s thoughts and feelings,” said Campion project director Steve Deitelbaum. “This knowledge provides a deeper awareness of the client-therapist dynamic and keeps our staff and local mental health professionals updated on the latest clinical information.”

Campion is one of OPCC’s ten social service programs.

Information, Sherly Khodadad, clinical supervisor and training coordinator, (310) 828-6007 ext. 174.