To avoid L.A.’s scooter chaos, one beach city is trying to make room for them

By Brian Addison

Addison is an editor and columnist for the Long Beach Post (, where this story first appeared.

Meandering the streets of Venice, my partner and I (who travel to various parts of L.A. each week to find out what other cities are doing compared to Long Beach) stood aghast after taking a pause and gawking at the sidewalks of Abbot Kinney Boulevard: a tangle of electric scooters sat in every place imaginable, from the middle of the street — no joke — to the middle of the sidewalk in mini-heaps of four or five.
Pedestrians, rightfully irked, would eye them distastefully as they maneuvered around them.

On Washington Boulevard, we watched as a scooter rider motored up to a bar entrance at a good 15 mph, slammed to a stop, dropped the scooter in the middle of the entrance and scooted his lack of consideration into the bar.

In other words, I get the frustration.

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Clusters of electric scooters clutter the sidewalks and alleys of Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Photos by Michael Kraxenberger