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Sailing Therapy Program for Veterans Encounters Rough Waters

Marina del Rey’s the Challenges Foundation suspends operations as organizers look for a new place to dock By Pat Reynolds It is a powerful thing to be out on the open water with men who have returned from war broken by its horrors. Marina del Rey’s nonprofit Challenges Foundation provides alternative post-traumatic stress disorder therapy in the form of a 1924 wooden sailboat called Emerald. Like the men and women the organization serves, the Emerald is a work in progress — a strong, hard-traveled fighter imbued with both beautiful and tragic experiences. The Emerald was once left for dead...

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Nautical News: Marina del Rey Opening Day 2015

By Pat Reynolds The 2015 boating season is officially upon us, even if last year’s never really ended. Last weekend members of each of the six major Marina del Rey yacht clubs donned their blue blazers and white trousers on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Opening Day, a boating tradition that began long ago with clubs on the far less temperate East Coast. The invite-only Opening Day ceremonies in Marina del Rey are steeped in traditions and rituals that include the sounding of a cannon and the march of a color guard. It’s a time for clubs to showcase...

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Whale-watchers delight

Gray whale sightings are happening in record numbers just off the L.A. coastline By Pat Reynolds There’s little I enjoy more than climbing into my boat and venturing off into the Santa Monica Bay to photograph wildlife. As I sit quietly bobbing in this vast liquid desert it’s never lost on me that a few short miles away one of the largest cities in the world is relentlessly churning. The good news is that while I am here, I am not there. In the boat I turn off the engine and listen. On a good day I hear the...

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Anchorage away

Coast Guard to remove boat ‘parking lot’ from middle of Marina del Rey harbor By Pat Reynolds Back in June, Marina del Rey boater Hans Etter created a Facebook page called Save Our Public Anchorage in response to hearing that the U.S. Coast Guard was seeking to disestablish “a special anchorage” that exists in the heart of Marina del Rey harbor. Few people had even known there was such a thing as a special anchorage, including Etter. The region in question, established in 1965, is relatively small and located slightly south of Del Rey Yacht Club and the California...

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Like ‘Jaws,’ only different

 SharkBoat Capt. Chris Wade heads from Marina del Rey to Costa Rica on a mission to combat pirate fishing When I walked into the main salon of the aging 73-foot steel research vessel parked at the fuel dock in Marina del Rey, a weathered, square-jawed man with shoulder-length blond hair greeted me with a heartfelt handshake. Marine biologist Chris Wade first offered me a beer, and then we proceeded to sit down and talk about the passion he has dedicated his life to: SharkBoat (, an organization devoted to protecting sharks and, in turn, fisheries that sharks rely on...

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