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A Letter from the Editor: From Then to Now

As a kid growing up in Hermosa Beach, I was always drawn to the excitement of the Westside. Some of my fondest memories as a student at El Segundo High School were summertime quests on my beach cruiser with a group of girlfriends, making our way up the Strand, not stopping until we made it to the Venice Boardwalk. Heading north, beach by beach, I came to see the beauty of a coast full of diversity, creativity and spirit. Saturday nights at the Third Street Promenade were always a favorite, as the place came alive after dark with all...

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HUMOR: Notes From Noreen: Rumors of this Boomer’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated…

Dear Editor, Fogey ol’ Noreen here. Long-time reader, first-time computer-user. Hale and healthful and still bristling brio from my basement brimming with delicious preserves that I canned and stockpiled during the Cold War. I do declare, few confections taste as savoury as decades-old apricots garnished with the comforting capers that you’re sticking it to Khrushchev somehow with every bite. Turbulent times afoot. Yet I frolic and squeal with anti-social glee when I hear a pandemic looms. It reinforces and affirms my lifestyle choices for the last half-century. Namely the wholesale hoarding and all-around distaste for reason. Long have I...

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The Argonaut’s March 3 Election Endorsements in State and Local Contests

California Proposition 13 This $15-billion bond to upgrade aging K-12, community college and state university buildings looks OK until you read it. For starters, interest paid over the next 35 years shoots the price tag up to $26 billion — and at a time when the state is projecting a $7-billion surplus, and as K-12 public school enrollment is plummeting to the extent that school consolidation may render some fixed-up campuses obsolete. The fine print also contains a sneaky provision allowing developers of high-density housing near public transit to withhold paying community impact fees that generate revenue for local...

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Opinion: A Total Waste of Space

Downtown Santa Monica has hundreds of empty parking spaces standing in the way of safer loading zones, better-connected bike lanes and public park space By Carter Rubin and Dustin Herrmann This story first appeared in Santa Monica Next (, a community organization and news website focused on the city’s future. While Santa Monica is as bustling as ever — just ask the 8.7 million visitors the city hosted in 2017 — our downtown parking structures are serving far fewer parking vehicles, leaving hundreds of spaces empty on any given day. The city could put those spaces to much better...

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Editorial: In Venice, the Homeless Have More Rights Than the Housed

Curbside planter boxes are the hot new trend in Venice — not for their rustic chic, but because they discourage homeless people from establishing encampments alongside homes and businesses. Without a city permit, they’re also illegal. But the city’s sudden enthusiasm for ripping these planters out, after years of doing nothing to address the underlying public safety and quality of life concerns prompting people to install them, also sends a troubling message: indifference. Last Monday about three dozen metal planters showed up along Fourth Avenue between Rose and Sunset, a partly residential area near the crowded Third Avenue homeless...

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