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Vote Yes on Measure EE

If you supported the teachers’ strike, you can’t reject the parcel tax that will pay for its demands By Joe Piasecki Overwhelming public support for the LAUSD teachers’ strike in January — nearly 80% of L.A. County residents, according to an LMU Center for the Study of Los Angeles poll — heralded a renewal of community interest in L.A. public education. It was an historic moment of collective agreement that our public schools have been chronically underfunded, cheating students out of reasonable class sizes and access to librarians, nurses and counselors. If you supported the strike, Tuesday’s single-issue election...

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No Excuse for Voter Apathy

Low participation in neighborhood council elections means your vote actually counts Big-money elections pitting entrenched incumbents against underwhelming challengers have become the norm in staunchly Democratic West Los Angeles. Campaigns are dull, outcomes are predictable, and the argument that every vote counts is largely an academic one. Sunday’s neighborhood council elections in Venice, Mar Vista, Del Rey and the Westchester-Playa area will be quite the opposite: Candidates start off on equal footing and the results are largely unpredictable because, compared to elections for higher offices, hardly anybody votes. Voter turnout for Westside neighborhood council elections historically hovers in the...

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From the Editor: St. Mark’s Problem is a Failure to Communicate

Rift between parish and school resembles the distrust between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Venice Our news coverage of parent consternation over St. Mark Church Pastor Paul Spellman’s decision to remove St. Mark School Principal Mary Ann McQueen and the resulting tsunami of letters to the editor in Fr. Spellman’s defense leaves a few unanswered questions. The most important: Where does the St. Mark community go from here? Fr. Spellman has announced his impending resignation from the parish, citing personal health concerns and roiling turmoil in the parish after dozens of disillusioned families reached out to The Argonaut in a Hail Mary...

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Editor’s Note – St. Mark Church

St. Mark Church Official: Stop Talking to The Argonaut During a tense meeting of more than 160 parents and parishioners on Tuesday, Father Paul Spellman announced that he will resign as pastor of St. Mark Church in June but will not waver from his decision to dismiss St. Mark School Principal Mary Ann McQueen, also as of June. The parish’s pastoral coordinator urged attendees to stop publicly voicing concerns about McQueen’s dismissal and specifically asked parents not to talk to The Argonaut, which published an exclusive news report about the controversy last week. Following publication, a number of St....

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We Got It Wrong

There is no plan to build temporary housing for the homeless at Venice and Beethoven A news story in last week’s edition titled “Beds on the Boulevard” incorrectly reported that temporary homeless housing could be in the works for a property at Venice Boulevard and Beethoven Street in Mar Vista. And that’s not just inaccurate, it’s flat-out untrue. We misinterpreted and failed to more diligently verify the limited information that was available to us at the time, amplifying misinformation rather than nipping it in the bud. Considering the very strong reactions to the temporary homeless housing slated for the former Metro bus yard in Venice — in some instances, flat-out rage — spreading such misinformation not only hinders pro- ductive public debate, it’s antithetical to The Argonaut’s mission. Tying the equally divisive reconfiguration of Venice Boulevard into our narrative only made it worse. We apologize to the residents of Mar Vista for unintentionally sharing bad information, to L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin and his office staff for crediting them with a plan that doesn’t exist, and to the nonprofit Disability Community Resource Center because it was the fate of their headquarters we were discussing. After receiving complaints from Bonin and the DCRC, we immediately corrected the story online and met with DCRC Executive Director TJ Hill and board member Chris Knauf to find out what’s really going on. The...

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