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The Senate Is Wrong: Stories of Sexual Assault Matter, and We Are Ready to Listen

On what feels like a daily basis now, our federal government confronts We, The People, with some outrageous statement or behavior as troubling as it is baffling. The words and actions coming out of Washington D.C. are just incredible — as in not credible — as in not believable. Out of disgust and fatigue, some people are simply tuning out from a shock-driven national news cycle to preserve their own psychological wellbeing. We get it, which is why we’ve been doing our best to keep The Argonaut focused on hyperlocal Westside news and culture. But now that President Trump...

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Too Big not to Fail

Legado’s first mistake was picking a fight with the residents of Playa del Rey We could say that Playa del Rey dodged a bullet last Friday with the L.A. City Council’s 13-0 vote upholding a grassroots appeal to block the Legado apartment project slated for Culver Boulevard, but that wouldn’t give local activists enough credit. They organized, pushed back and ultimately gave their city councilman the ammunition he needed to mount a successful defense. Legado could have been disastrous for Playa del Rey, and not just because the four-story complex would have set a precedent of shattering local height...

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The Dirty War on the Free Press

Calling journalists “the enemy of the people” is politically expedient but patently un-American Today’s hyper-polarized, ideology-driven political culture makes it nearly impossible to question, criticize, praise or even simply analyze the words and actions of President Donald Trump without many readers leaping to conclusions about perceived bias and imagined ulterior motives. As an organization that is primarily dedicated to local affairs and has endorsed both Republicans and Democrats for elected office, we ask you to momentarily put such reflexes aside and consider the dangers — both to democratic society and your own mind — of allowing someone who has power over you to dictate what and whom you can or cannot believe. The president’s unrelenting campaign to destabilize, demonize and delegitimize the American free press may energize the most aggrieved among his fervent political base, but it’s a dangerous Machiavellian game that leaves nothing to believe in except power for its own sake. Repeatedly declaring journalists “the enemy of the people” utilizes tactics of the French Revolution’s bloody “reign of terror,” Nazi Germany, Maoist China and the Soviet Union to eliminate dissent and discourage free thought. There could be nothing more un-American. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to...

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Don’t Let Them Tell You That You Can’t Talk Back

Local leaders are taking a more confrontational approach to activism, and we respect them for it By Joe Piasecki Before marching bands took to the streets and fireworks lit up the sky to celebrate Independence Day, Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin and firebrand area Congresswoman Maxine Waters were making national headlines in the emerging cultural debate about the social etiquette of political protest. Both elected officials have taken a firm stance that confrontation and disruption are a necessary response to the Trump administration’s forced separation of immigrant families and other political controversies that fall under the umbrella of human...

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Don’t Cage the Birds

Santa Monica’s new electric scooter rules allow innovation to flourish, and L.A. should follow its lead Judging by the sheer volume of complaints on social media and in this week’s letters to the editor, the following sentence may be offensive to many of our readers: We think the electric scooters taking over sidewalks from Santa Monica to Playa Vista are actually pretty cool. We’ll grant you that Bird scooters arrived suddenly and in great number, almost like the plot of Alfred Hitchcock’s fabled avian film — a playful comparison that inspired Venice photo- grapher David Zentz to document the...

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