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Who Can Budget Like Brown?

Preserving California’s renewed fiscal stability is essential, and John Chiang can do the math The most immediately tangible legacy of Gov. Jerry Brown’s last two terms isn’t cap-and-trade or water infrastructure, it’s the budget surplus. Nearly eight years ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger left Brown a $26-billion budget deficit aggravated by borrowing too much before the sucker punch of the Great Recession. This year Brown leaves the state with a $6-billion surplus. It’s like we’ve paid off our credit cards and opened up a savings account. Conscientious voters must make several values-based calculations in determining whom to support as Brown’s...

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Election Endorsements: Local Offices

Just say yes to a solid roster of proven incumbents who are getting the job done Westside political junkies and anti-Trumpers who can hardly wait for midterm elections to potentially alter the balance of power in Washington will have to watch from the sidelines. The blue wave that some are predicting this year crested west of the 405 a long time ago. Local seats for state and federal office are held by strong Democratic incumbents who can safely book flights back to D.C. or Sacramento. In 2018, such predictability isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Putting aside the national political...

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Give the Venice Beach BID a Chance

Let’s shift the conversation from personal attacks to promoting our values Venice can be a lot like the Washington Beltway in that it loves to argue, but rarely do disagreements about hot topics such as development and homelessness result in effective compromise. One side might get part of what it wants, but the fighting never really stops. The loudest voices remain ideologically entrenched and people get the idea very little is being accomplished, except maybe hurt feelings. And so it is ironic, but not entirely unexpected, that some of those who fought the loudest against formation of the Venice...

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Editorial: No Justice for Brendon Glenn

Keeping officer-involved shooting videos from the public undermines trust in the legal system It has been two years, 10 months and 11 days since a Los Angeles police officer shot and killed an unarmed 29-year-old during a late-night scuffle a block away from the Venice Boardwalk. Enough time for the L.A. Police Commission to rule that former LAPD Officer Clifford Proctor violated department policy and had no justification to shoot Brendon Glenn twice in the back on a busy Windward Avenue sidewalk. Enough time for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to say Proctor should be charged with manslaughter for Glenn’s...

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May 16 Election Endorsements

Support independent thinking for LAUSD and police conduct review boards we can trust LAUSD BOARD OF EDUCATION The dollar figures don’t lie, even if lies are what they’re buying. The race for our local LAUSD board seat has played out as a brutal and disingenuous proxy war between unions and charter school advocates, one scuzzy attack mailer at a time. A jaw-dropping $6.4 million in election spending controlled by neither incumbent Steve Zimmer nor challenger Nick Melvoin — both former LAUSD teachers — has all but hijacked this election from local families, well-meaning volunteers on both sides and even...

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