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Interview: Bonin on Homelessness, Part 2

We’re back on the record, starting with mental illness and drug abuse in encampments By Joe Piasecki The Argonaut’s extended interview of Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin about the homeless crisis continues this week amid some new revelations. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times published its own analysis of Homeless Count data and a UCLA study suggesting that more than two-thirds of L.A.’s homeless struggle with mental illness and/or substance abuse — that’s more than double the 29% figure reported by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which relied on a much stricter definition for reporting. Nonetheless, the...

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Bonin and the Homelessness Crisis:

Encampment sweeps, bridge housing and mounting frustration — what happens next? {First of Two Parts} By Joe Piasecki Impeachment is big world news, but in West Los Angeles the story that really gets people going is the local homelessness crisis and the city’s response to it — or, as critics argue, the city’s complete and utter failure to mount an effective response to a growing problem. Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin, elected to a second term in 2017 with a resounding 71% of the vote, has since become the No. 1 target of public frustrations about homelessness in...

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Venice Family Clinic CEO Discusses Trump Team’s Visit about Homeless Crisis

Venice Family Clinic CEO Elizabeth Benson Forer was one of several health care professionals who met with representatives of the Trump administration on Sept. 10, when officials were in town for a day of meetings and briefings about the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. Clinic Director of Homeless Healthcare Dr. Coley King, the medical lead for street teams that seek out and treat patients at encampments, was also part of the discussion. On a campaign swing through California a week later, President Donald Trump told reporters homeless encampments in Los Angeles and San Francisco blight the Golden State’s “best...

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Fluid Intelligence

Google Empathy Lab founder Ananda Danielle Krettek is harnessing the spiritual teachings of Ram Dass to make technology more ‘human’ By Christina Campodonico As a Google employee in Venice, Ananda Danielle Krettek has worked on the kinds of projects you might expect, like voice assistant technologies and AI (artificial intelligence). But her days also involve conducting humanistic research studies, making books, creating tone poems and even foraying into film (more on that later). As founder and head of the Google Empathy Lab, it’s her job, as she told an audience in Australia, “to speak human at a table with...

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Q&A: LAUSD Board’s Nick Melvoin Says School Rankings Can Drive Improvement

The Argonaut: What are the top characteristics parents should look for in a school? Nick Melvoin: Thinking back to my time as a student and a teacher and now as a board member talking to parents, I think the quality of the people is the first thing I would look for — a strong principal, great faculty. I’m pleased to say we’re opening the school year with really dynamic adults at our schools. Also, the diversity of programs … looking at what the school has to offer besides just the basics, and afterschool programs as well. Why should LAUSD...

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