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One Man Army

Todd the Volunteer is cleaning up local streets to blaze a trail out of homelessness Story and photographs by Kyle Knoll When people see Todd Olin picking up trash on the side of the road, their instinct is often that something doesn’t add up. There’s the white T-shirt and a Dayglow orange vest, but he’s not part of a city work crew — it’s just him out there, and a single handcart bursting with well-worn tools. But three words emblazoned in thick black marker on handwritten signs and the back of his vest identify this man as someone who...

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A Beach Mom Can Be Proud Of

By Joe Piasecki Marina del Rey locals and Los Angeles County officials may not always agree about new construction, but just about everyone who attended last Thursday’s grand reopening of Marina (aka Mother’s) Beach appeared to be thrilled with its new look. Where dilapidated concrete picnic and restroom enclosures once off the sandy horseshoe terminus of D Basin there are now clearer views of sea and sky. Shiny aluminum shade covers tilt like vintage Googie diner awnings or, considering the genius loci, sails catching the wind. Even the new restroom enclosure’s concrete siding reflects sense of place, with muted...

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Dock Renovations Give Boaters the Slip

Upgrades to Wayfarer anchorages create uncertainty for less affluent boaters By Gary Walker As part of a long-range plan to modernize and improve boating amenities in Marina del Rey, county officials have been replacing dilapidated docks that are not in compliance with federal and state laws, work that often requires boat owners to find another anchorage or temporarily store their vessels on land. But not all boat owners are able to find or afford storage. Anxious of being displaced due to dock renovations, a group of boaters who dock at Wayfarer Apartments + Marina are taking their plight public...

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County Targets Dirty Boat Cleaning

Boaters face penalties for hull-scrubbing that exacerbates copper pollution in Marina del Rey By Gary Walker Preventing the accumulation of toxic copper particles in Marina del Rey harbor has proved to be a vexing problem for Los Angeles County officials, as boats with hulls coated in copper-based paint still abound in most anchorages. Faced with state and federal mandates to reduce copper pollution while encouraging use of alternative paints, the county’s latest legislative focus is to regulate how boats are cleaned. In March the L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved a preliminary hull cleaning ordinance that would require all in-water cleanings...

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Up, Up And away

Marina del Rey rent prices are going through the roof By Gary Walker and Joe Piasecki Over the course of two decades on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, Don Knabe would often refer to Marina del Rey as “the crown jewel” of Los Angeles County. If rental prices continue their sharp upward trend, it may soon require a king’s ransom to live here. Median monthly rent for one- and two-bedroom apartments in Marina del Rey jumped up more than 16% between October 2014 and October 2017, according to research by housing economists with the online rental listing aggregator...

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