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We Don’t Need a Teacher’s Strike

The pitched political battle over charter schools no longer serves teachers or students By Wendy Zacuto The author is a former LAUSD teacher and charter school principal who runs an education consulting firm in Playa del Rey. I don’t pretend to understand every nuance of public education, but I can tell you from personal experience that teachers’ strikes are a mess. I’ve viewed the morass of LAUSD from many vantage points: as a K-12 student, as a parent of children who attended an LAUSD magnet school, as a teacher in the district for seven years, and as a charter...

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‘Not in Venice’ Won’t Work Anymore

The Martin decision means homeless encampments are here to stay until we provide alternatives By Michael Rapkin The writer is a local homeowner, part owner of a restaurant on Ocean Front Walk and a longtime attorney who advocates for the homeless population. A significant court decision last week has made it clear that as long as there remains insufficient housing, Los Angeles and other cities cannot prosecute homeless people for living in encampments. In Martin v. City of Boise, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the cruel and unusual punishment clause of the Eighth Amendment prohibits...

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Building a Bright Future for Marina del Rey

A marina monorail? A boating and wildlife museum? Now’s the time to think big … By Richard D. Schachter The author is a retired physicist and aerospace engineer, a member of the Del Rey Yacht Club and a resident of Mar Vista. As a young pilot flying out of Santa Monica Airport in 1959, I would report downwind of the tower over what was called Venice Lake or Lake L.A. Looking down from about 1,400 feet I could see what appeared to be water skiers plying the mud flats below. This was Marina del Rey then: a large swampy...

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Don’t Redline the Coast

Legado’s attorney says opponents are twisting the Coastal Act to reduce beach access By Benjamin M. Reznik Reznik is a land use attorney representing the Legado Companies in their efforts to build on Culver Boulevard. The commercially zoned lot at 138 Culver Blvd. in Playa del Rey — two blocks from the ocean and owned by my client, Legado — has been empty for many years, having been a gas station in the past. We obtained approval from the city Planning Department for a density bonus project of 72 units, of which eight units (11%) are very low income...

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City’s Housing Math Doesn’t Add Up

Build smaller units on less-expensive land, or burn through Prop HHH funds and leave 20,000 homeless on the street By Mark Ryavec A former legislative analyst for the city of Los Angeles, Ryavec staffed former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley’s Citizens Committee on the Redevelopment of the Central Business District and is currently president of the Venice Stakeholders Association. Despite the heartfelt support of Los Angeles residents to house the homeless through their votes for Proposition HHH and Measure H, the math and housing model underpinning the city’s plans will leave over 20,000 people on Los Angeles’ streets for the...

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