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The Reluctant Temptress — Brittney Rose

There are two wildly different sides of Brittney Rose. One, the yoga practitioner and instructor, is grounded and introspective. Another, the Instagram model and reality television star, is showy — baring heart, soul and a fair bit of skin for the camera. So it only makes sense that a year and a half ago, the San Fernando Valley native moved to Venice — where yoga studios and social media entrepreneurship intersect under picture-perfect sunsets — to build her spiritual practice as well as her brand. “I couldn’t have dreamt up a more wonderful and nourishing environment for myself. I...

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Miss Kentwood Players — Charlotte Gunter

Charlotte Gunter has only one regret about her time with the Kentwood Players: She wishes she’d joined sooner. The 90-year-old great-great-grandmother, known as “Miss Kentwood Players,” joined the Westchester thespian troupe two years after she first encountered them at a venue called “The Barn” in the 1950s. She hasn’t stopped contributing her time and talents since — and hasn’t missed an opening night in more than six decades. Gunter has been a producer, director and even president of the organization, and she’s played a number of roles on stage, too. She’s especially proud of portraying three different characters in...

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The Cultural Gardeners — Sadie Gilliam & Alisun Franson

Tucked behind an auto shop parking lot on Lincoln Boulevard is Amiga Wild — almost invisible from the main drag but leaving an indelible mark on the Venice arts community with craft workshops, mini-concerts, taco nights and monthly art shows since December 2017. The low-key lifestyle boutique is an airy oasis populated by succulents and perfumed by the scents of artisan soaps and candles. Its proprietors are Venice native Sadie Gilliam and transplant Alisun Franson, jewelry designers who found alignment in their aesthetic tastes (“earthy, hippie, but not dirty!” says Gilliam) and business goals of creating a space to...

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The Storyteller — Kelly Younger

When Kelly Younger was growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, his heroes were the Goonies and Indiana Jones, and he dreamed of being an adventurer. As a Loyola Marymount University undergrad studying to become a classicist and archeologist, Younger traveled to Greece in the hope of discovering legendary treasures like his on-screen idols did. Due to his Irish blood, the only thing he found was sunstroke. After reassessing his life, he realized that what really enthralled him were the stories. “Stories can either hold up a window or a mirror to the world,” says Younger, now a tenured...

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The Guy’s Guy — Michael Dubin

Oprah is always encouraging women to live their best lives. Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin is on a mission, he says, “to help men look and feel good so they can be their best selves.” It may seem strange to compare the most influential woman in the world to the guy who launched a business empire with a funny 2012 YouTube video declaring “Our razors are f-ing great,” but men are from Mars and Dollar Shave Club isn’t a mail-order razor company — it’s a life-style brand driven by digital technology. Dubin co-founded Dollar Shave Club eight years...

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