Marina del Rey resident Celinda Jungheim was appointed president of Recovery, Inc. at the group’s annual meeting May 26th.

Chicago-based Recovery, Inc. is an international self-help group helping people deal with depression, panic, anxiety, fears, anger and phobias.

Groups, including many in the Los Angeles area, have weekly meetings.

Jungheim said she found help for herself in the 1960s by attending Recovery, Inc. meetings and continues to volunteer for the organization.

Recovery, Inc. is member-managed, with its board members and group leaders all serving as volunteers, according to the organization.

The organization is supported through voluntary contributions given at meetings and through memberships, the sale of books used at the meetings and other donations.

Recovery, Inc. officials said the organization is considered to be a leading cognitive-based self-help mental health organization in the world, with groups meeting weekly throughout North America, Ireland, Wales, India and Israel.

Information, (310) 322-6411, or www.recovery,