The Westchester/LAX-Marina del Rey Chamber of Commerce is again in discussions to change its name after a group of chamber members unanimously agreed that the chamber’s name should be changed.

Changing the chamber’s name was an issue that the board of directors and many members discussed two years ago.

“It is often brought to our attention that the name is too long and cumbersome and that it does not accurately convey the chamber service area,” said chamber executive director Christina Davis. “The chamber’s name should clearly represent the areas it serves and the businesses within those areas, which includes LAX, Westchester, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista and parts of Los Angeles.”

Based on the feedback received and the discussion that occurred at an August 31st meeting, the chamber’s executive committee has decided to bring the name change matter to the full board for discussion and consideration.

All chamber members may participate in the process, Davis said.

After a discussion and debate in which the service area, mission statement, member profile and long-range plan of the chamber were considered, two names were recommended for consideration — LAX Westside Chamber of Commerce and LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce.

– LAX Westside Chamber of Commerce. This name incorporates “Westside” as a broad geographic identifier that allows the chamber flexibility as it looks to expand its footprint in the future, Davis said.

“By using the name Westside, we could easily represent businesses in Mar Vista, Del Rey and other parts of West Los Angeles, including to the south of LAX that are not served by another chamber or where there may be some overlap between our chamber and other chambers,” Davis said.

– LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce. This name uses “Coastal” as a tip of the hat to the Marina and to the tourism businesses that are seeking to attract people to the beach areas, Davis said.

“It would clearly identify, for those outside our general area, that we represent an area along the coast that most likely has recreational and entertainment opportunities,” Davis said.

“As it relates to potential future expansion of our service area footprint, ‘Coastal’ offers some subtle differences when compared to ‘Westside’ with an emphasis clearly geared towards the western edge of our footprint, but it would not preclude the inclusion of the areas listed above as the group seemed to agree that everything west of the 405 could easily be considered coastal.”

Chamber members can vote for either of the two names or come up with names of their own that accurately depict the chamber.

Chamber members can provide feedback by responding to an e-mail Davis sent to members Tuesday, September 12th. Responses should be returned no later than Friday, September 22nd.

Information, (310) 645-5151.