Chicken Little sails big in the middle of the Santa Cruz 50s in the Del Rey Yacht Club’s 18th Biennial Corum Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta International Yacht Race.

As they left the dock Wednesday, February 23rd, in sunshine, in front of the beautiful and hospitable Del Rey Yacht Club, three Santa Cruz 50s were a “match race” on their way to the start line.

I knew at least one person on each boat and have tremendous respect for this group.

At Derby Day picking one from this class would be a tough handicap, as I told one skipper.

Chicken Little — previously known and loved as Deception —out of Del Rey Yacht Club, was launched in 1987.

She has spent many wonderful days racing in Marina del Rey, and was chartered for this event by Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club members Don Adams and Rick Palmer and crew, from their friend Bruce Anderson, of Long Beach Yacht Club.

The boat is being sailed under the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club burgee and is crewed by one superior group of sailors.

Don Adams and Rick Palmer co-skipper the vessel.

They are supported by navigator and watch captain Craig Yandow, owner of Patience; Paul Schwicktenberg and Jim Miller of Ghost II fame and 2003 competitors; and Doug Felberg, Steve Horst, Greg Hoffman and Ben Gueverra, all members of the team of White Fang, a Schock 35 that Don and Rick owned until just recently.

Now just for the true ambiance of competition racing on a long-distance race, and for at least the second time, Lynnette Palmer arrived at the dock complete with birthday cake, plates, napkins and the beverage of choice for the co-skipper, her husband Rick.

He was celebrating a birthday on start day, and the party would take place at the dinner meal, where skipper Don Adams was the chef de sailing vessel.

Their anticipated voyage was six to seven days, with an anticipated arrival date of Tuesday, February 22nd.

As we prepare to go to press, Baywolf skipper/owner Kirk Wilson, out of Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, leads by a mile or so and Jack Taylor, skipper/owner of Horizon from Dana Point Yacht Club, is just barely in the third position.

Corum, the title sponsor of this race, will present each owner/skipper of the overall winner in each class with a Corum Admiral’s Cup Trophy 41 watch.

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DEL REY YC YOUTH — Del Rey Yacht Club (DRYC) youngsters returned from participating in the Youth International Match Racing Regatta, earning a sixth place.

Helmsman Greg Helias, main trimmer, Austin Rogers and bowman Andy Dippel have returned to college to catch up on missed classes and mid-terms.

Their coach, Colin Campbell, also deserves great respect and pride.

This team is comprised of full-time students, as compared to their competitors, for the most part, who had less pressure from full-time classes.

Ten international teams competed for five days of match racing and DRYC succeeded in placing above several of their stiffest competition in Auckland, New Zealand..

Much of the success brought to Del Rey Yacht Club by this program is due largely to the devotion to the program by their director, Virginia Howard.

Her time, talents and endless energy devoted to this program are evident in the success of her various teams competing at various levels within junior sailing.

Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation, Del Rey Yacht Club and California International Sailing Foundation assisted financially in this victory.