Chrysalis and Macerich will unveil a new work program at the Santa Monica Place Fourth Street entrance in Santa Monica at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, September 22nd.

Adlai Wertman, Chrysalis president and CEO, Chris Facas, Macerich vice president of property management and Chrysalis employees Heidi Olinger and Leo Young are scheduled to attend the event.

Chrysalis and The Macerich Company have formed a working partnership designed to help the economically disadvantaged and homeless adults regain self-sufficiency and reintroduction into the workforce.

Santa Monica Place is Macerich’s first shopping center to “test” the Chrysalis-sponsored Street Works with a contract to provide cleaning services throughout the shopping mall.

The professional work program, including the sweeping and pressure-washing of the garages and parking structures, is designed to enable the workers to secure marketable experience and job skills.