Los Angeles’ bicycle advocacy event, CicLAvia, is coming to Venice Beach.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced that the April 21 CicLAvia will run 15 miles from downtown to Venice Beach by way of Venice Boulevard in its longest route to date.
The city has hosted five prior CicLAvias, which are based on events in Latin America that encourage people to use streets for bicycling and other forms of transportation.
“CicLAvia’s success and the breakneck pace of bikeway construction demonstrate that L.A. has removed its training wheels,” said Villaraigosa. “The synergy of public support and infrastructure investment has put L.A. at the front of the transit pack.”
The mayor noted that the city Department of Transportation has installed 123 miles of bikeways since the master bike plan was implemented two years ago. Approved in March 2011, the Bike Plan called for the creation of 1,680 miles of new bicycle infrastructure by 2042, with an average of 40 miles per year for the first five years.
“I am ecstatic that the city is continuing on a path to complete 40 miles of bike lanes per year,” said City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents the Venice area. “We are seeing firsthand how the Bike Plan is dramatically improving the city’s multi-modal system of transportation, as well as having a positive impact on our air and climate.”
City officials say there are now a total of 431 miles of bikeways citywide including 267 miles of bike lanes, 55 miles of bike paths, and 109 miles of bike routes.
“Lack of infrastructure is the biggest barrier to more people choosing to ride. When the city installs bike lanes, ridership goes up 100 to 200 percent within the next year,” said Jen Klausner, executive director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. “Mayor Villaraigosa has done so much to make Los Angeles a multimodal city and we’re excited to keep building on such amazing progress.”
The CicLAvia route will transform the often congested Venice Boulevard into a car-free park for strolling, biking, and playing.
“Our goal is to bring CicLAvia to as many different communities as possible, and to reach all Angelenos regardless of where they live,” says Aaron Paley, executive director of CicLAvia.
The event is also scheduled to be held in June and October.