To the Editor:

Thanks for your wonderful coverage of the Venice sign restoration in The Argonaut issue of June 21st, but this project has many proud parents and your article missed some extraordinary players.

Please allow space to acknowledge former chief field deputy Sandy Kievman, who got the ball rolling with our grant during Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski’s term.

Local restaurateur Daniel Samakow charged into this idea with incredible creativity and persistence.

Ann Everest and Simone Scharff of General Real Estate were early and consistent generous champions.

And Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s office, through the powerhouse efforts of district director Mark-Antonio Grant, cleared us through the logistic hurdles.

It has been a great journey.

Thank you.

Todd von Hoffmann,

project manager,

Venice Sign

Restoration Project

Says many working at Hilton LAX do not support boycott

To the Editor:

I am an hourly employee at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. I work in the accounting depart-ment. The number of hours I work in a week depends upon the number of events that are in the hotel.

I find it disheartening that people want to take money out of my pocket by asking groups not to stay at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, thereby cutting my hours of work and that of my co-workers. [See “Spiritual leader known as ‘the hugging saint’ is staying at Hilton LAX despite labor protests” in The Argonaut, June 21st.]

The majority of employees want to work, do not support a boycott of the hotel and resent the harassing tactics of Unite Here and their supporters to prevent people from patronizing the hotel and giving us work.

Groups like [spiritual leader] Amma’s are the ones that pay our salaries, not the owners and certainly not some local religious leaders who have spoken out.

The so-called labor dispute will end quickly and easily if the union will let us vote to have or not have a union represent us, something they have not been willing to do.

Gilma Castro

Los Angeles

Suggests Windward-Pacific neighbors should help fund restoration of colonnades

To the Editor,

I am writing in reference to the article “Celebration marks return of historic Venice sign to Windward Avenue,” in The Argonaut, June 21st.

I think the Venice sign is great, but I think more should be done.

I was born in Venice, California over 70 years ago. I am lucky enough to remember the wonderful boardwalk, plunge, theater and, of course, the pier.

I think people who buy or lease property on Windward or Pacific Avenues should have to pay the money to line the sidewalks again with arches, colonnades, pillars and the original look — no palm trees and ugly paint. It sure would look a lot nicer.

They did it on Main Street and Rose Avenue, so why not?

Jeanne Moody

Playa del Rey