The City of Santa Monica Commission on the Status of Women is conducting a Work-Life Survey to determine the best places to work in Santa Monica.

The survey seeks to determine which employers do the best job promoting a balance between personal life and work responsibilities.

Commissioners say the work/life balance is the ability to handle a job with a personal life and includes time to care for children or relatives, maintain a relationship with a partner or mate, pursue educational or professional development goals, and maintain general physical and emotional health.

Many companies offer work/life benefits and have policies and procedures to enable employees to adopt flexible working patterns, the commissioners say.

These policies and other benefits help employers motivate staff and increase productivity because employees are better able to balance their work with other aspects of their lives, the commissioners say.

According to the commission, there is a nationwide effort to promote work/life programs by highlighting employers with positively balanced work/life environments.

“Working Mother” magazine publishes its yearly list of top U.S. employers who provide positive benefit programs and corporate culture for their employees.

The commission goal for its survey is to promote dialogue and recognition of the importance of work/life balance in the employment environment.

The commission encourages all employers in Santa Monica to participate in the survey.

Input from employers without formal work/life policies may help identify informal policies that were not previously considered.

The names of the leading employers will be published after the survey results have been tabulated and analyzed by the independent research group Community Poll.

Completing the survey will take ten to 15 minutes, the commission said.

The survey is available online at until Sunday, October 31st.

A printed copy of the survey may be requested at (310) 458-8701.