The Los Angeles Redistricting Commission is expected to submit its final adjusted council district boundary map to the City Council Thursday, March 1.

The commission released an adjusted draft Feb. 18 that took a portion of east Westchester out of Council District 11, which is represented by Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

A previous submission removed Westchester east of Lincoln Boulevard, Playa Vista and a portion of Del Rey from the district. Most of Westchester and the latter two communities have been moved back into Council District 11.

Many Westchester residents have attended the various hearings on redistricting since they learned that they could have been moved to neighboring Council District Eight, which is represented by Councilman Bernard Parks.

Rosendahl lamented the fact that the area of Westchester east of the 405 freeway, known as the triangle, was left out in the latest map iteration.

“I’m very happy where we are, but I want to get the triangle back,” the councilman said prior to seeing the commission’s final draft.

The council has the final authority over approval of a new map.

The city charter mandates that council district boundary lines be reviewed every decade, and the City Council is required to appoint a charter redistricting commission to advise the council.