Santa Monica City Council joined Westside Cities Council of Governments colleagues in West Hollywood as a founding member of the Pro-Choice City Campaign. This action came at the request of Councilman Kevin McKeown at the council’s meeting Tuesday, August 8th.

Joining the Pro-Choice City Campaign with West Hollywood, “reaffirms our support of women’s reproductive rights, including women’s right to choose,” McKeown said at the meeting.

“A whole generation of women in our country have grown up with the assumption that they will have the choice on their own bodies,” McKeown said. “Every now and then, we have to reaffirm that.”

West Hollywood has already adopted a resolution that “supports the creation of the Pro-Choice City Campaign to ignite a grass-roots effort to mobilize the greater community in the fight to protect women’s reproductive health.”

West Hollywood plans to create a network of local governments across the nation committed to promoting women’s health and freedom.

Abbe Land, a West Hollywood City Council member, sent McKeown a letter asking for the support of “a few cities like Santa Monica, who have demonstrated history of support for women’s reproductive rights. We hope that Santa Monica will join us in standing up and going on record for a woman’s right to choose.”

McKeown said that for “municipalities, like them [West Hollywood] and like us, it’s a chance to restate our commitment to choice for women.”

Santa Monica will be part of the initial coalition in place before the “official launch” of the Pro-Choice City Campaign, planned for Monday, August 28th, coinciding with Women’s Equality Day, Land said.