By Gary Walker

Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Feuer filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court to prevent a medical marijuana clinic from opening in Mar Vista.

The civil complaint against proprietors of the clinic planned for 3742 Centinela Ave. and their landlord claims the business would violate voter-approved rules for marijuana dispensaries because its proximity to a residential neighborhood.

The suit seeks penalties of up to $2,500 per individual per day for anyone involved in operating a medical marijuana business at the location.

Many Mar Vista residents spoke out against the proposed pot clinic during an Oct. 15 community meeting. A group of clinic opponents demonstrated outside the location on Nov. 8.

The city attorney’s office has pursued more than 50 other court cases against dispensary operators and related property owners, according to the office.

In May, voters approved a city ballot measure, Proposition D, that capped the number of dispensaries allowed in Los Angeles and imposed regulations about where dispensaries could be located.

The city “is working diligently to uphold the will of the voters” and “aggressively enforce the law,” Feuer said in a statement.