Businesses that have been operating without a Santa Monica business license and who apply for a Santa Monica business license by Friday, April 15th, will have penalties waived.

The amnesty was designed by Steve Stark, Santa Monica city finance director, in an effort to ensure equity in the assessment of penalties and to encourage all businesses in the city to become properly licensed.

Also the City of Santa Monica will refund penalties paid since March of last year by those who were billed for back license fees and penalties after being contacted by MBIA, a firm conducting a business license audit for the city.

“Most people who have contacted us after receiving notification from MBIA have asked for relief from the penalties, but have not disputed the fee itself,” Stark said.

“We want to be fair and believe this short amnesty period is a good approach,” he said.

On Saturday, April 16th, the city Municipal Code requirements for late fee penalties will again be enforced.

Business license information is available on the Web at

Santa Monica business license amnesty information, (310) 458-8745.