Santa Monica has been recognized as one of the top ten sustainable cities in the United States.

The acknowledgement came during a ceremony at the United Nations World Environmental Day in San Francisco Thursday, June 2nd.

Santa Monica ranked as the fifth-most-sustainable city in SustainLane’s United States City Rankings.

Santa Monica Mayor Pam O’Connor and the city environmental programs division manager Brian Johnson accepted the award for the city.

“For years, Santa Monica has taken pride in its leadership role in the sustainable city movement,” O’Connor said.

“It is an honor to be recognized for our achievements and we hope that these awards inspire other cities to begin becoming a sustainable city,” she said.

SustainLane is a nonpartisan organization based in California that measures 25 U.S. cities for several economic development and quality of life categories.

The organization collects data from public and non-governmental organizations such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Census, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Smart Growth America.

Santa Monica ranked first among all cities in “green” buildings per capita, tied for first with San Francisco in solid waste diversion and recycling, and ranked first in the U.S. in farmers markets per capita.

SustainLane also singled out the city for excellence in energy and climate policy, innovation in pollution prevention, and reducing urban runoff.

SustainLane wrote that Santa Monica “would vie for the very top spots in our study were it not for the Los Angeles Basin’s air quality and the lack of a regional public transportation infrastructure.”

“These challenges that face the region as a whole aside, little Santa Monica is proving that the greater Los Angeles area can live more sustainable in important ways,” the survey researchers said.

Of the 25 cities that SustainLane evaluates, the top five sustainable U.S. cities are San Francisco, Portland, Berkeley, Seattle and Santa Monica.