The City of Santa Monica Arts Commission has approved funding for 19 projects from local arts and cultural organizations through the city’s Community Access and Participation (CAP) Grants Program.

The grants program provides funding to nonprofit organizations that provide opportunities for Santa Monica residents and visitors to experience arts and cultural activities. The program is divided into three categories in order to serve a diverse population, according to the arts commission.

General CAP grants support projects that serve the broadest cross-section of the population, while the Latino CAP grants provide funding for projects targeting the city’s Latino community. Building the Future projects are educational in nature and aimed at exposing the youth of Santa Monica to high quality arts experiences.

To be awarded a grant, applicants must demonstrate that their agency is well managed and has a history of presenting art and cultural programs of outstanding caliber.

Agencies that received general CAP grants are the Virginia Avenue Project, the Santa Monica Museum of Art, 18th Street Arts Center, Jacaranda, Highways Performance Space, City Garage Theater Company, the Verdi Chorus, Santa Monica Playhouse, Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, TeAda Productions, Donna Sternberg and Dancers, and the Santa Monica Conservancy.

Among the agencies that received Latino CAP grants are 18th Street Arts Center, Highways and TeAda. Building the Future grants were awarded to the Virginia Avenue Project, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company and Santa Monica Playhouse.

For more information, the Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division at (310) 458-8350.