Local business owners, residents and city officials joined Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl Monday, April 23rd, to celebrate the completion of a long-awaited public works project that is designed to alleviate traffic on Centinela Avenue, one of Del Reyís busiest arterials.

Prior to the street-widening project, the corridor on Centinela between Culver and Washington Boulevards was often a bottleneck during rush hour. Due to the newly widened avenue, which includes an additional lane, traffic heading north and south should flow at a much more rapid pace, reducing the travel times of commuters who use the corridor frequently.

Rosendahl stepped in to help expedite the public works project near Culver and Centinela because of the temporary difficulties suffered by merchants near the intersection, who lost business because of ongoing construction.

The street-widening project, which began in May, includes left-turn lanes and newly striped streets, new sidewalks, full-time parking on the west side of Centinela, restricted parking during peak commuter hours on the east side and additional lighting and landscaping.

Los Angeles city engineer Gary Moore and project manager Vahik Vartanians of the Bureau of Engineering joined the councilman, who represents the local 11th District.