The public will have the opportunity Wednesday, March 1st, to comment on a City of Santa Monica grant application for the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program of the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance.

The purpose of the comment period is to receive public input concerning the city’s proposed uses of the Justice Assistance Grant funds of $41,235 being applied for.

The city used its JAG allocation last year to fund the police department’s DNA and Advanced Forensic Evidence Testing program.

The program pays costs to submit biological and fiber evidence to certified forensic laboratories for testing and analysis.

City officials propose to use this year’s JAG allocation to continue funding the same DNA program for an additional year.

Federal rules require the JAG funds to be applied toward one or more eligible law enforcement project that are not funded in the jurisdiction’s operating budget.

City officials said the current and proposed use is an eligible use of the funds.

Successful grantees have four years from the date of the award to expend the funds for the approved uses.

The draft grant application is available for public review and written comment until noon Wednesday, March 1st, at:

n City of Santa Monica Records and Elections Office, 1685 Main St., Santa Monica;

n City of Santa Monica Police Department, 333 Olympic Drive, Santa Monica; or

n The City of Santa Monica Police Department Web site,

Written comments regarding the proposed Justice Assistance Grant application must be received no later than Wednesday, March 1st:

n by mail to Santa Monica Police Department, Planning and Research Unit, Room 354, 333 Olympic Drive, Santa Monica;

n by fax to (310) 260-2867, attention: Laura;

n By e-mail to attention: Laura

Questions regarding the application should be addressed to Laura Ritchie-Rojas.