The city of Santa Monica is participating in a regional campaign focused on improving pedestrian, bicycling and vehicle traffic safety.

Santa Monica has joined 15 other cities in Southern California and more than 30 organizations and media partners in the Watch the Road campaign, which is dedicated to improving safety and mobility in the Los Angeles region. The initiative coordinates educational materials with targeted enforcement efforts to change motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian behavior.

“The police department is stepping up enforcement around crosswalks, and we’re working with staff in Planning, Public Works and the city manager’s office to get motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to slow down, pay attention and be safe,” said Santa Monica police Capt. Carolin Larson. “Pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

As part of the campaign, messages on buses and refuse collection trucks encourage pedestrians to pay attention and take responsibility for their safety when crossing streets and moving about town. The signs also aim to remind drivers and cyclists to “watch the road” for pedestrians who may not be paying attention to their surroundings.