The City of Santa Monica has recently completed installation of free wireless Internet services for the public at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, the Santa Monica Pier and the City Hall lobby and courtyard.

This is part of the city’s expanding City Wi-fi program to provide the public with free wireless Internet services in public places.

These free wireless Internet services are also available at the Main, Montana, Ocean Park and Fairview branch libraries, the Third Street Promenade and Virginia Avenue Park.

By the end of October, City Wi-fi should also be available at Euclid Park.

The City Wi-fi service is available to anyone equipped with a standard 802.11b or 802.11g wireless device such as a laptop computer, personal data assistant (PDA) or smart phone.

Users are greeted by a special portal page with links to other city hot spots and items of general interest such as shopping, dining, accommodations, local attractions and city government. Users will also be able to browse their favorite Web sites.

City Wi-fi Hot Zones will be identified by the presence of the City Wi-fi logo on storefronts, signs and elsewhere. Members of the public will soon be seeing the City Wi-fi brand at other Wi-fi locations.

Information, (310) 458-8381.