drug, alcohol treatment

building on Pico Boulevard

The CLARE Foundation, Inc. — a drug and alcohol treatment facility — has dedicated a new building to house CLARE’s outpatient programs, including a legally sanctioned drug court and DUI (driving under the influence) program at 1020 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica.

The two programs are designed to assist clients in addressing issues of addiction so that their behavior no longer puts the community at risk, CLARE officials say.

The Esper A. Petersen Foundation donated a $1 million gift that was used to purchase the building, which will be called the Petersen Building.

The Esper A. Petersen Foundation is a family foundation founded in 1947 by Esper A. Petersen, a Danish immigrant who arrived on Ellis Island, New York, and who would later become a pioneer in the field of modern plastics.

The foundation is intended for the improvement of social conditions and to advance the good will of man through education and charity.