Provenance Meals heal and nourish from the inside out

By Kamala Kirk

Inspired by Caroll Lee’s mother and Korean heritage, meals created by Provenance channel simple, wholesome ingredients that are the foundation for Korean diets.

As a certified holistic health coach, entrepreneur and mother, Caroll Lee understands the challenge of maintaining a daily diet that is clean and nutritious. She recommended recipes and meal plans to her clients to help them reduce their weight, increase energy and become the best version of themselves through nutrition.

Lee noticed that as long as she was actively coaching her clients, they were successful at reaching their goals. But when they stopped eating nutrient-dense food, they would revert back to unhealthy routines.

In 2012, Lee created Provenance Meals, which provides clean, organic, sustainably sourced nutrition, to help people achieve their wellness goals, nourish their bodies and replenish their spirits.

“The No. 1 request I received was, ‘I know what I’m supposed to eat, but I just can’t find the time. Can you help me find the food?’” Lee said.

“Because nutrition is the foundation on which health is built, I know that the fastest way from Point A to B in anyone’s wellness journey is the food we eat three times a day. I realized that by providing convenient meals prepared with delicious and nutritious ingredients, I was able to help my clients stay on the path toward health and longevity. So, I made it my mission to create and provide meals that met my incredibly high standards and deliver them to people’s homes for the utmost ease and convenience.”

The word “provenance” refers to a product’s origin or source. According to Lee, knowing how one’s food was raised, grown, caught and by whom is key to eating for health.

“When we outsource our daily diet and health to major food processors instead of the farmers, producers and purveyors who grow and make our food in more traditional and sustainable ways, we’ve lost the connection to the source of our health and well-being,” Lee said. “In today’s modern world, Provenance Meals is your source of nutrition. Our clients trust us to choose ingredients and prepare meals that will promote their health.”

Provenance Meals’ food is 100% free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar, and are made with organic, whole food ingredients from trusted sources. Inspired by Lee’s mother and Korean heritage, meals created by Provenance channel simple, wholesome ingredients that are the foundation for Korean diets. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and the menu changes weekly as well as seasonally.

Their five-star restaurant-trained chefs work directly with their team of culinary nutrition experts to create elevated dishes for their menu and programs. Examples of menu items include orange fig olive oil granola with almond milk, sunchoke and fennel salad with Meyer lemon vinaigrette; coconut-crusted cod with bok choy and green curry sauce; and braised grass-fed beef short ribs with creamed squash.

“The biggest differentiator is that we understand that there is no one right ‘diet’ for everyone,” Lee said.

“Everybody is different and has different needs. So, flexibility in choosing meals and adapting the service to your lifestyle and health needs is key. We are not one-size-fits-all. Some people need just a quick reset so they turn to our cleanse programs to jumpstart their journey. For others, they only need individual breakfast and lunch support, as they make dinner for the whole family.”

Provenance Meals’ cleanses and weekly meals are different from other trendy programs because they are based on the science of functional medicine. They start by eliminating potentially inflammatory triggers and add specific nutrients and targeted supplements to help reduce one’s overall toxic load so that the body can begin to do its own healing.

“You feel great when eating with Provenance Meals because this safe and simple approach removes the foods that may not be serving you and replaces them with the nutrients your body needs to thrive,” Lee said.

“Also, when we say we make our food from scratch, we really mean it. We make and long-simmer our bone broths to get fantastic flavor and mineral-rich gelatin to maximize nutritional value. We soak and sprout our grains, beans and nuts to reduce phytates and anti-nutrients to help improve digestibility. Food is more nutritious when it’s prepared in traditional ways, and we don’t take shortcuts at the expense of our health. Plus, it just tastes better.”

Provenance Meals offers several ways to eat well. Their Daily Essentials Program is the most flexible, offering a weekly menu of healthy choices that fit each client’s dietary preferences and individual schedules. Clients can choose any combination of superfood-packed, nutrient-dense prepared meals for delivery up to two times per week.

Their Feel Good Fix is a mini cleanse that provides everything one needs to feel the effects of an anti-inflammation diet in just three days. Lee said it’s perfect for those that are new to eating clean and interested in cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar from their diet.

They also offer a seasonal signature six-day detox program called Provenance Detox. The current summer edition is called The Provenance Detox: Glow Edition, with cleansing meals and beverages that focus on the skin-gut connection and a menu designed to relieve the skin of blemishes and the body of bloat. It also includes an exclusive set of skincare products from Osea Malibu so that clients can experience a full-body glow.

Provenance Meals’ programs do not require a subscription. Individual meals on the Daily Essentials menu range from $12 to $29 per meal. Their cleanse programs start at $198 for three days. The majority of the delivery programs are available in New York and Los Angeles.

“We also ship a three-day meal program and a few products from our Wellness Shop nationwide,” Lee said. “Our Camu Cacao Superfood Protein Powder is one of the cleanest protein powders on the market for quick and nutritious breakfasts. Featured in all of our cleanse programs, this program contains zero harmful and inflammatory ingredients found in other protein powders. We also have foundational supplements like Omega 3s, vitamin D3 and a special probiotic called Flourish — also featured in our cleanse programs — that is targeted to help control body weight.”

To help keep clients on their paths to good health, Provenance Meals also provides health coaching consultations. In addition to discussing individual health goals and challenges, people can ask specific questions related to their nutrition and health concerns, and receive personalized recommendations on food and supplements to support their unique health and wellness journey.

“Provenance Meals is rooted in the principle I espoused as a health coach: achieving true health takes time, consistency and commitment,” Lee said. “In addition to our health-supportive chefs and culinary nutrition experts that design our menu and programs to be flavor-forward and nutritionally balanced, all members of our Client Services Concierge are certified health coaches. Research shows that having an accountability partner and support system can make all the difference in reaching your health goals.

“Our health coaches provide complimentary consultations to clients and additional health coaching sessions are also available for a fee. No matter what stage in their wellness journey, our health coaches are knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and holistic approaches. Using our health coach’s evidence-based strategies, in combination with a client’s desire to change, clients have been successful in improving their well-being.”