Contributing to the fight against stroke in the African American community, Marina del Rey resident Shawn Livingston of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Los Angeles Clippers made a cash donation of $10,000 to the American Stroke Association’s Power To End Stroke movement, association officials said.

Livingston made the donation at the American Stroke Association’s Second Annual Power To End Stroke Celebrity Golf Tournament earlier this month.

“I knew stroke was a big issue in the African American community, and I know it has touched the lives of many of my friends and family,” Livingston said. “But I didn’t know until I got involved with the Power To End Stroke campaign how serious a problem it is.”

“When they told me that African Americans are twice as likely to have a first stroke as whites, it really made this health disparity hit home for me,” he said. “I’m glad to know that my donation will go to research and education to fight stroke in the black community.”

Livingston, who suffered a severe knee injury during the basketball season, is recovering well but was unable to play golf.

However, this did not dampen his enthusiasm, according to the association. He attended the golf tournament to support the cause and support his friends, including Clipper teammate Cuttino Mobley.

Power To End Stroke is the American Stroke Association’s education and information campaign to fight stroke in the African American community through education, information, and empowerment.

The campaign aims to provide information on warning signs to speed reaction time and reduce time to treatment when stroke occurs, so that damage to brain tissue is minimized. The campaign also aims to prevent strokes by educating people on the risk factors, and on how to live a heart — and brain — healthy lifestyle.

The tournament was held at Moorpark Country Club in Moorpark.

More than 50 African American celebrities, athletes and business and community leaders attended. The event was organized by Keenan Towns of Brand 7 marketing, in cooperation with the American Stroke Association.