The periodic review of the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program scheduled for November has been postponed by the California Coastal Commission “due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the lead staff person’s family and other projects demanding her attention,” said Stan Wisniewski, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

“The coastal commission staff is aiming for consideration of its report at the January meeting in either Los Angeles or Orange County, but the scheduling has not yet been confirmed,” Wisniewski advised the Small Craft Harbor Commission Wednesday, November 9th, at Burton Chace Park.

SUPPORT DENIAL OF PANAY WAY REQUEST — Regarding other issues, Small Craft Harbor Commission members approved a resolution recommending that the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission and the County Board of Supervisors deny a request by developer Goldrich & Kest to change from affordable housing to paying “in-lieu” fees at the Capri Apartments, at 13953 Panay Way in Marina del Rey.

At the October Small Craft Harbor Commission meeting, Wisniewski said his department had submitted paperwork to the County Regional Planning Commission to oppose the developer’s request because the developer had ample time to decide if the project would be profitable before agreeing to include affordable housing for low-income senior individuals, and that the project’s residential component was already completed.

MINDANAO PARCELS — The Small Craft Harbor Commission also approved a recommendation to exercise options for the lease terminations on parcels held by Pacific Marine Venture, LLC on:

one complete parcel, Pier 77W, south of Mindanao Way, now used for small boat repair operations, dry boat storage, parking and a mooring for FantaSea One; and

a portion of another parcel, 44U Del Rey north of Mindanao Way, now containing two office buildings totaling 14,000 square feet, and the water portion of which contains 159 boat slips, that would return to the county.

Pacific Marine Venture is the lessee of both areas involved.

Wisniewski said the lease terminations would return the property to full county control and use so that either part or all of the parcels can be utilized for the intended expansion of Burton Chace Park and/or the opportunity for new boating and visitor-serving development.

The buyout for these parcel lease options would be $5.6 million, with interest accruing at prime rate as of February 26th, 2004, and would be funded by the Marina Accumulative Capital Outlay Fund, and, if necessary, through lease extension fee credits due to the county from affiliates of the lessee in connection with lease extensions previously approved by the Board of Supervisors, said Wisniewski.