The California Coastal Commission is reviewing information the public offered regarding the Marina Local Coastal Plan (LCP) at a recent public hearing and the commission is expected to address the public comments when the coastal commission meets next month, Stan Wisniewski, director of the County Beaches and Harbors Department told the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board last week.

The coastal commission’s June agenda is expected to include a draft report on the Marina LCP and schedule another public hearing on the issue, Wisniewski said.

HOTEL SITE WETLAND —County officials believe that testing for evidence of wetlands on the site of the proposed Woodfin Suite Hotel and Vacation Ownership project on Via Marina indicates that, while a wetland area exists, the area is smaller than originally believed.

The developer is reviewing the wetlands report to determine if changes are necessary to the proposed development, Wisniewski said.

ARCHSTONE LIGHTING — In other business, the Design Control Board approved an exterior lighting plan for Archstone Apartments on Via Marina, with changes to the timing of specific lights being turned off at specific times.

The developer was asked to return to the design board in three months to report on project progress.

WATERSIDE SIGNS — The Design Control Board approved all existing tenant signs for the Waterside Marina shopping center, but denied proposed graphics with text for the Lincoln Boulevard side of the shopping center.

The developer was asked to return to the design board with artistic graphics that convey the nature of products at the center, without including text.

Ralphs Market representatives were asked to return regarding the placement of two pharmacy signs for the Ralphs store.

MARINA-WIDE SIGN PROGRAM — The Design Control Board partially approved a new Marina del Rey Curb Treatment and Signage program as to colors and sizes, but county staff was asked to return after a sample sign had been placed for the design board to view the concept.

The Marina del Rey Curb Treatment and Signage program is designed to replace verbiage on signs in the Marina with graphics and icons.

NEW MEMBER — Phillip Phinney, an architect, has been appointed to the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board.

Phinney was appointed by County Supervisor Don Knabe, and succeeds former member Jackie Ignon. Phinney was appointed in November, but the design board did not meet in November or December.