A hearing on the public’s comments concerning a periodic review of the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Plan (LCP) will be the topic of a California Coastal Commission hearing at 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 16th, at the Sutton Place Hotel, 4500 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach.

The Marina LCP is item W6a on the commission agenda.

After the commission prepares a draft periodic review report, a hearing on that review report will be held, tentatively during a commission meeting in June in Long Beach.

The California Coastal Commission staff is recommending to the commissioners that the commission concur that the staff should focus resources on the priority issues of:

– recreational boating (including issues related to affordable boating opportunities);

– water quality;

– new development (including issues related to the mix of uses and intensification);

– recreation and visitor facilities; and

– shoreline access (including public views).

Public comments on the Marina LCP were gathered during a public workshop Wednesday, January 20th, and the audience was told that the current 1995 Marina LCP does not contain any objectives for environmentally sensitive habitat, according to Liz Fuchs, California Coastal Commission Federal Consistency Unit manager of statewide planning.

The public comments, information provided by County Department of Beaches and Harbors and private coastal commission data collecting will be reviewed by the coastal commission to determine if goals, policies and objectives of the 1995 Marina LCP have been met, and whether stewardship of the Marina has been handled in a responsible way, said Fuchs.

Written materials for review by the coastal commission must be submitted to the commission staff no later than three working days before the hearing.

When the public submits written comments on the Marina LCP, coastal commission staff requires that the following information be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the information submitted:

– the meeting agenda number (Item 6a); “Marina del Rey Periodic LCP Review”

– name of the person submitting the information and

– the position in support of or opposition to the manner in which the Marina LCP has been addressed.

Individuals submitting written comments are requested to summarize their positions in no more than two or three pages.

As many exhibits as necessary may be attached to the written submission.

Oral testimony will be limited to five minutes or less for each speaker, depending on the number of speakers wishing to be heard.

Questions regarding the report or the hearing may be directed to Pam Emerson, California Coastal Commission South Coast District Office, 200 Oceangate, 10th Floor, Long Beach 90802, or (562) 590-5071; or to

Liz Fuchs, California Coastal Commission 45 Fremont St., Suite 2000, San Francisco 94105, or (415) 904-5200.

Information, staff report and public comments are available on the coastal commission Web site at: http:// ceres.ca.gov/coastalcomm/index.html