The California Coastal Commission agreed Wednesday, July 13th, to allow Playa Vista to continue with a traffic mitigation project at Culver Boulevard and Vista del Mar in Playa del Rey.

The Wetlands Action Network and the Vista del Mar Neighbors Association had requested that commissioners revoke a permit granted to Playa Vista by the commission last year to improve the intersection as part of traffic mitigation for the Playa Vista project.

Playa Vista can now continue plans to:

– re-stripe eastbound Culver Boulevard to add a southbound left turn lane at the Vista del Mar intersection;

– widen 360 linear feet of the west side of Vista del Mar south of Culver Boulevard by 21 feet;

– construct a sidewalk and bioswale — storm water drainage — system in the parkway on the west side of Vista del Mar;

– relocate and install new fences along parts of private property;

– make 600 cubic yards of grading improvements; and

– add street lighting, striping and bus stop relocation.

Crews began working on the project in June.

The Wetlands Action Network wanted the permit revoked because the environmental group alleged that Playa Vista did not provide adequate public notice of the project.

For the permit to be revoked, commissioners said the environmentalists had to prove Playa Vista did not provide adequate public notice.

The group also had to prove that if given proper notice, public comments from the group would have changed the commission’s decision to grant the permit.

Commissioners said The Wetlands Action Network could not prove either case.

The Neighbors Association argued that the project does not reduce traffic congestion and will add more cars to Vista del Mar and block access to the Del Rey Lagoon.

The commission said the two groups did not bring enough evidence to persuade the commission to hold a new public hearing.

Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents the local 11th District, wrote the commission, requesting that last week’s hearing on the issue be delayed for 30 days.

His request was denied.