A work of art by Santa Monica collage artist Tom Brennan has been selected as the design for an invitation to a staff event at the Oxford University Ashmolean Museum in England scheduled Wednesday, October 1st.

The Ashmolean Museum, founded in 1683 and the official museum of the Oxford University collection, is considered the oldest public museum in the United Kingdom.

Brennan was contacted by Ashmolean Museum graphics designer Greg Jones, who asked to use one of the Santa Monica artist’s works as the design for the staff event invitation.

The Ashmolean was also reportedly the first museum in Western Europe to invite patronage of all citizens. With its collections of antiquities, Western Art and Eastern Art, the Ashmolean is considered a world cultural landmark, museum officials said.

“I know the term ‘great honor’ is thrown around too often,” says Brennan, who also is the owner of a Santa Monica-based public relations firm that specializes in working with authors, and designers, “but it is a validating moment when someone at one of the most important museums in the world, singles your work out.”

Jones, who said he Googled for a compelling piece of art relating to The Velvet Undergound band, came upon two pieces by Brennan, that were inspired by artist Andy Warhol and the band. Titled “Velvet 1,” the work in question has been incorporated into the museum invitation.

The invitation, created for an event at the museum, is the debut of Brennan’s work in the United Kingdom.

“I love the British slang for ‘being well-pleased’,” Brennan said. “The phrase is ‘dead chuffed’ and ‘dead chuffed’ is exactly what I am.”