The 1,050-square-foot store invites shoppers to an intimate setting featuring design elements that mirror the brand’s San Francisco flagship shop.

Birdies footwear opens store in Venice

By Nicole Borgenicht

Summer opening in Venice – an elegant pink and gold store with sitting room ambiance: Birdies is here to stay. On Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a strip known for restaurants, art galleries and trendy shops, this new Birdies location captivates a full range of patron considerations.

Colorful, shiny, designer patterns, furry, animal print, all in a variety of styles from casual to feminine chic, even vegan and washable… there is a perfect shoe for everyone. Safe higher back for classic flats and sexy sneakers, plus easy wear comfort of slides and sandals in multiple color tones or fancy tassel bows are worn inside and out to the pool.

Birdies belies a new statement about women within a success story. The fascinating formation of a woman-centric business and lifestyle is only possible through the founders’ inherent understanding of how women feel and act on either a whimsical day or a week driven with activity. Then, to always produce a variety of vogue patterns and snug materials, Birdies’ founders have helped build and now expand the female shoe territory.

Founders Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey have developed their vision for a successful product with heart and substantial skill from industry participation in product design, manufacturing, strategic promotion and retail growth potential. The savvy cofounders had just the right amount of love for the product, compassion for female footwear challenges along with willful gusto to bond on all fronts. Generated by two decades of multifarious jobs in major companies, they blended their mastery together.

From individually exceling in business, Gates and Sharkey became partners over six years ago and cofounded Birdies. The female footwear company sprang out of fulfilling a need in the feminine footwear marketplace for shoes with natural fitting luxury. Birdies’ 7-layer system comprises memory foam cushion, shock absorption material, satin quilt elements and arch/heel support. The result is an indoor-outdoor shoe with no-slip rubber soles.

It all began with a slipper… that became an indoor/outdoor flat and the rest is history.

“Just over five years ago, we built the Birdies brand to give women a solution for comfortable, chic shoes to wear inside the home, and it’s been so exciting to see how the brand has evolved from the home to everywhere she goes,” Gates said. “In continuing our brand growth, this year alone, we have introduced more collections than ever before and have recently been named the founding fashion sponsor for the Los Angeles Angel City Football Club, one of the only professional sports teams in the world with a majority female ownership. This store and the unveiling of our new logo serves as exciting key milestones for our brand, and we can’t wait to share more of what’s to come!”

“The Birdies brand has been built on the foundation of customer listening and engagement, and we are thrilled to further that along and connect with our customers on an even more personal level through our Abbot Kinney location,” Sharkey added. “Our latest location will not only serve as an additional touchpoint for our customers to experience our offerings, but for them to get a sense of our brand and deeply rooted mission of uplifting and empowering all women.”

In keeping with their retail design of Birdie’s San Francisco flagship store, the retail colors and exclusive milieu boasts this signature back wall mantra: “We are a brand born of women, dedicated to serving women. We share your dreams. We share your challenges. We share your values. It’s the heart, soul, passion, and purpose that drives us. Always.”

Gates and Sharkey empower women, not only through Los Angeles’ Angel City Football Club, set to play soccer in 2022, but also by supporting other female business in line with their comfort meets fashion lifestyle message.