The Committee on Excellence in Education, an adjunct of the Venice High School Alumni Association, has awarded $7,000 in grants to teachers at Venice High School for the 2006-07 school year.

The funds will finance a variety of classroom activities, ranging from presentations of Hamlet to the purchase of calculators for applying mathematical concepts to scientific studies.

Some of the monies will finance a study of the murals and architecture of Los Angeles, while others will support an innovative approach to dealing with at-risk students, said Venice High School Alumni Association officials.

Eight teachers received $500 each for individual classroom projects and three teacher teams each received $1,000 for collaborative interdisciplinary plans.

Eva and Gil Clark encouraged retired Venice High School teachers to join them in helping expand a grant program they funded. The result was the Committee on Excellence in Education.

The goal of the Committee on Excellence in Education is to provide financial support for Venice High School teachers, to promote educational enrichment, to encourage interdisciplinary inquiry and assist in professional growth.

Venice High school teachers have been leaders in seminars and workshops at local universities for many years and the committee’s wish is to continue that tradition of excellence, Venice High School Alumni Association officials say.