Assembly candidate Ted Lieu has won the endorsement of Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution — an environmental group concerned with air and noise pollution issues adjacent to Santa Monica Airport and increased jet traffic and jet size at Santa Monica Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and other airports around the country.

Lieu is seeking the 53rd Assembly District seat in a special election Tuesday, September 13th.

The Concerned Citizens organization president Marty Rubin said Assemblyman Mike Gordon, who died in June, supported the goals of Rubin’s group.

Because Lieu was Gordon’s campaign chair protÈgÈ, Lieu “would most likely have succeeded Mike after he served out his full-term limits,” Rubin said.

“Ted worked closely with Mike and knows what he wanted to accomplish — much of which Ted wants to continue on with, such as fighting the expansion of LAX,” Rubin said.

“Ted is also aware of the difficulties the residents living around Santa Monica Airport are having with air pollution, noise and safety concerns, and he has written a letter to us that clearly states his support.”

Rubin says his group also supports Lieu because Lieu opposes “moving forward with Phase Two of the Playa Vista development without proper review of the impacts and safety concerns from Phase One as well as Phase Two.”