The Santa Monica Conservancy has been awarded a $7,500 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation from its Los Angeles County Preservation Fund.

A conservancy spokesperson said the funds will be used to support a portion of the rehabilitation costs for the adaptive reuse of Santa Monica’s historic Shotgun House as a Preservation Resource Center.

“We are delighted with this grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation,” conservancy President Carol Lemlein said. “The rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the Shotgun House speaks to a core value that we share with preservationists everywhere: even the simplest structure can be repurposed to fill present-day needs, preserving the character of our neighborhoods while minimizing the impact of demolition and new construction on our environment.

“The grant from this prestigious national organization is intended as a fundraising catalyst and is a huge vote of confidence in the conservancy’s plans.”

The 1890s-era Shotgun House has survived from the early days of Ocean Park when many simple cottages were built for the visitors and new residents attracted by the city’s beaches and coastal climate, according to the conservancy. The homes got their names from the concept that a bullet could be shot through the front door of the house and come out the back door.

The Santa Monica structure was formerly located on private property at 2712 Second St. and will be moved out of storage to city-owned property at Norman Place and Second Street. The landmark building will be rehabilitated as a resource center that will serve as a base of operations for the conservancy.

Board member and project architect Mario Fonda-Bonardi noted the recent grant will be applied toward the protection and rehabilitation of historic interior surfaces and the porch, which will have missing corbels replaced.

A small addition will be built on the rear of the structure to support its use as a Preservation Resource Center, the conservancy spokesperson said.