Work is scheduled to begin on the so called Main Street “road diet” between Santa Monica and Venice, a plan to improve mobility, increase safety for all road users and encourage active modes of transportation.

The “road diet” project will reconfigure Main Street between the Santa Monica border and Windward Circle in Venice by removing one travel lane in both the north and south direction, create a central two-way left turn lane and add a bicycle lane in both directions. All on-street parking spaces would remain.

It will essentially extend the same configuration used through the Santa Monica corridor, allowing for more than an additional mile of continuous bike lane.

“This road diet will meet the needs of the increasing number of bike commuters on the Westside,” Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl said. “In addition, the work will create a safer environment for all modes of transportation.”

Motorists may experience additional delays during peak travel times due to lane reductions.However, a center-striped median will help mitigate any delays by allowing motorists to remove themselves from through lanes of traffic to make left turns, Rosendahl said.

“Here in Los Angeles there’s a desire among many transportation agencies to shift course and lay the groundwork for a truly multi-modal system for all users: pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists,” the councilman said. “The road diet will aid in congestion management and build safer, healthier communities.”