Marina del Rey is currently in the midst of a $54-million public infrastructure program in line with a county visioning statement for the future of the marina that was approved last year.

Nine projects, including new docks and boat slips at Burton Chace Park, have already been completed.

Four others are currently underway, and five will begin in short order.


Water Line Replacement

WHERE: 6,000 feet along Via Marina from Marquesas Way to Bora Bora Way and along Fiji Way from Admiralty Way to the end of Fiji Way

WHAT: Workers are installing 5,950 feet of 18-inch diameter steel pipe to replace aging 10- and 14-inch diameter pipes in order to meet residential and fire protection water demands

WHEN: Expected completion in May

Enhancement of the Oxford Basin

WHERE: 10.7 acres between Washington Boulevard and Admiralty Way recreational and safety amenities

WHAT: Enhance flood protection, reduce runoff pollution, replace trees and plants that were removed, and install

WHEN: Expected completion in early 2016

Seawall Refurbishment

WHERE: 100 locations along the 7.3-mile seawall

WHAT: Maintenance, inspection and as-needed repairs

WHEN: Expected completion in May

Anchorage 47 Dock Replacement

WHERE: 4,500 feet along near Mindanao Way

WHAT: Installation of 11 docks with 253 new slips and upgrades to landside utilities

WHEN: Expected completion in May 2016


Fiji Way Improvements

WHERE: A .85-mile stretch of Fiji from Lincoln Boulevard to its western terminus

WHAT: Roadway resurfacing, curb and sidewalk repair, and new median landscaping

WHEN: Work will begin December 2016 and end June 2017

Admiralty Way at Via Marina Roadway Improvements

WHERE: In and around the intersection of Via Marina and Admiralty Way

WHAT: Additional left turn pockets; reconstruction of medians, sidewalks, curbs and gutters; relocation of catch basins, street lights and bus pads; striping and upgrades to traffic signals

WHEN: Work will begin August 2017 and end August 2018

Via Marina Improvements

WHERE: A roughly mile-long stretch of Via Marina

WHAT: Roadway resurfacing, new median landscaping and curb, gutter and sidewalk repairs

WHEN: Work will begin May 2019 and end January 2020

Via Marina Guardrail Installation

WHERE: Via Marina, south of Old Harbor Lane

WHAT: Relocation of street lights and removal of raised median, to be replaced with a guardrail

WHEN: Work will begin February 2016 and end March 2016

Boathouse Upgrades

WHERE: Burton Chace Park

WHAT: Installation of Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant drinking fountains and elevator, plus a new electrical system, seismic upgrade and remodel of existing toilet and shower facilities as well as frontage landscaping

WHEN: Work will begin May 2015 and end December 2015

— Compiled by Elliot Stiller